Yorkville Hippie 200x200Have a closer look into the extensive collection of Art work at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery. With nearly 300 original art works, the Gallery frequently updates all exhibitions! There are three on-site galleries: the MAIN gallery, the new ALCOVE gallery, and the BRUCE SMITH Gallery (named after Bruce Smith, who donated a huge collection of original oil paintings by Albert Chiarandini). The Bruce Smith Gallery has 4 exhibitions a year of paintings and photographs from the permanent collection.

Tom Zsolt 1Our permanent collection includes photographs by TOM ZSOLT, and paintings by ALBERT CHIARANDINI, YORK WILSON, and BRUCE SMITH

Register your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, godchild, cousin or friend today for 2014 classes and camps at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery.


Register yourself and a friend for one of our many adult classes today! Classes include our new Sunday afternoon workshops.


Stay up to date on all the events that happen at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery by following the Event Calendar, including Reel Gems, Luncheons, special Gala’s and outings.

The Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery is very grateful to have been one of the 25 chosen charities for the 25th Magna Hoedown last September 14th, 2013. (TWO YEARS IN A ROW, YEE HAW!)

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